Change Your Thoughts, And You Can Change Your Life

I’m going to talk about the law of attraction.

I know most of you have probably heard about it by now. You also probably have one of three opinions about it:

1. it’s new-agey, and you’re no hippy.
2. you don’t know enough about it to form an opinion.
3. you recognize a truth in it and apply it, but feel that you haven’t mastered it.

Whatever your opinion, hear me out. I want to help you the way the person who taught me about the law of attraction helped me.

This is an account of my own experience and thoughts about the law of attraction. I’ve found that it’s a very powerful tool to transform your entire life into something better. I’d go so far as to say it’s the ultimate life hack.

The law of attraction is this: your thoughts and actions dictate your reality.

Therefore, if you believe yourself to be sick, you are sick. If you believe money flows to you easily and often, money flows to you easily and often. If you feel lonely, you repel the company of others. If you feel socially accepted and powerful, you shine in front of others. If you convinced yourself that you’re no longer an actor who played the wheelchair-bound kid in Degrassi, but instead are a chart-topping rapper, you’re Drake.

I know it’s tough to wrap your mind around the idea that your beliefs shape your reality, because our typical ideology in the western world goes something like: “life is hard and will be hard until we get lucky or work enough to escape the cycle.”

It’s unfortunate that so many people accept this idea as truth, because it’s wrong.

Further, that mindset is dangerous. The reason so many of us feel stuck in shitty jobs and situations is because we hold that mindset as the truth. That mindset reinforces the idea that there isn’t enough for everyone. It creates greed, and nothing good ever comes from that.

“But there isn’t enough,” you say. Why not?

“But life is hard, and only a few people make it,” you say. Why?

Because someone told you that? Because everyone told you that? Because “that’s the way it is?”


Sure, those statements are true, but statistics don’t prove why they’re true.

For the remainder of this article, entertain the idea that those statements are true because the majority of people haven’t accepted the law of attraction as truth instead.

When I first heard about the law of attraction five years ago, I was skeptical, too. When we’re presented information that contradicts our entire belief system, we want proof before we blindly follow.

I decided to make an effort to apply the law to my life, but I also did research. A lot of research. I wanted facts.

Since then, I’ve built a library of over 500 books spanning topics of religion, metaphysics, alchemy and biology. I took recommendations, pored over shelves in used bookstores and were given several titles in unexpected ways. Most of the books entertained me. Some of the books were bullshit. Many of them weren’t. A few gave me bits of the information I was looking for.

I still read all the time, as often as I can, but very little of what I read concerns the law of attraction. These days, most of my books are for entertainment or general curiosity of a specific topic. This is because it didn’t take long for me to become convinced that the law of attraction is very real.

For those of you who are science-minded, I want to tell you about an experiment that took place in 1994 involving water, consciousness and intent.

Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that intentions influence physical reality by developing a technique using a powerful microscope and high-speed photography. Dr. Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed towards them. His experiment shows that water from clear springs and water exposed to loving words like “I love you” shows brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water or water exposed to negative intentions like “I hate you” forms incomplete, asymmetrical and dull-colored patterns. Dr. Emoto was able to replicate this experience around Japan and the U.S. to show that indeed, our attitudes and emotions affect not only the ourselves, but the environment around us.

So the next logical question then is why isn’t the results of this experiment applied in every day life? My answer to that would be that the current belief systems in the Western world don’t allow for those ideas to dominate mass consciousness. We have to get to a point first where we’re open to new ideas and laws that have the potential to change the world.

Yes, change the world. If we can shift our collective thoughts of scarcity, fear and greed to thoughts of abundance, love and gratitude, we’ll find ourselves – and the world – in a much better position.

How do we do that?

On a small scale. In utilizing the law of attraction, we affirm to ourselves that anything and everything is available to us for the taking. Not because we have to take something from someone else, but because or natural state of being is that things will, and do, work out.

You can’t remember, but when you were developing in your mother’s womb, you didn’t look down and think, “my god, I have no hands! What if my hands never develop?”

They just did.

When you learned to walk, you didn’t fall down and think, “Well, I guess this two-legged movement thing just isn’t for me.” Something propelled you forward, and now look at you, gliding around the neighborhood with a pair of Martens on.

By changing our own beliefs about why and how things work out – because of intent rather than blind luck – we transform ourselves from victims to conscious creators.

As you apply the law, you will gain traction and find irrefutable personal evidence of things working in your favor.

I’m going to give you the basics on how to apply the law, but I must preface this information with the fact that things don’t work out because we want them to. They work out because we believe they already have.

Wrapping my mind around this idea was the biggest challenge I encountered in applying the law of attraction to my life. It’s tough to believe that things are good before they are. So how can we change our thoughts before our reality changes?

This is where blind faith comes in. You have to convince yourself it works before it does. Our reality usually creates our thoughts; you have to flip it, and live as if you already have what you want. Your reality will reflect it eventually, I promise.

But you can’t start by thinking, “Okay, I’ll have a million dollars when I wake up tomorrow morning.” That won’t work, and it won’t work because most of us can’t readily convince ourselves that it’s possible. And unless you can 100% convince yourself that something is real for you, it can’t manifest itself in your life.

You have to be able to live already as if you have what you want. And part of that is not wanting. Because wanting reinforces that you don’t have what you’re after.

It’s tricky, but it’s not cruel, it’s just the way the law works. Like everything else in life, the best way to master it is to practice.

My best advice for starting is to start small. The first thing I ever manifested was a to go cup from Subway. I needed to pick something that I cared little about and didn’t really want. Still, I needed it to be so specific that I couldn’t miss the sign when it came.

At the time, I worked at a tanning salon in a strip mall. In the strip mall was a Subway sandwich shop. The night before I worked, I told myself I’d find the cup in my parking spot when I went to work in the morning. It wasn’t a far-fetched idea that I could find the cup in the parking lot, so I could believe it. I envisioned what the cup would look like in my parking spot (visualization is a huge tool in manifestation) and I went to sleep.

In the morning as I drove to work, I visualized the cup again.

As soon as I turned into the parking lot, my eyes immediately darted to the spot to look for my cup. It wasn’t there. Ha ha! I thought, happily accepting that the law didn’t work so I could go back to my miserable, nihilistic existence.

But as I smiled to myself, my eyes glanced over the pavement, and there, in the middle of the parking lot, right next to my car, was the Subway cup I envisioned. I laughed to myself and realized there was something to law I so desperately wanted to dismiss.

I started visualizing parking spots I wanted when I went to the grocery store. I played games as I drove, like envisioning certain models and colors of cars that would then drive past me. I went after little things, like a free cup of coffee. I always got the things I wanted, sometimes quickly, but never immediately.

Remember, your thoughts precede your reality, but are not the cause of it. Ideas become things, not the other way around.

It took some time to build momentum. My thoughts began to change and finally, when I believed that the law worked, it started working for me in ways that actually helped me.

I started living instead of simply existing.

I can manifest money pretty quickly, mostly because I’ve been able to dismiss the idea that money is hard to come by. The other day, I went to work with the intention of making $350, an amount that’s about $200 higher than what I make on a nightly basis. When I left work, I made $258, which left me $92 short of what I indented to make. I shrugged and accepted that at least I’d made more than I usually did, but when I went to work the next day my boss pulled me aside and showed me a letter from the payroll company that said there was an outstanding check in my name from several months back. Can you guess the amount? Yeah, it was $92. Turns out, the universe has a sense of humor.

The biggest tip I can give you is to let go of resistance. Stop thinking of all the reasons something won’t work and think of the one reason it will.

I urge you to apply the law of attraction to manifest something little in your own life, if only to test the theory and prove to yourself it works. Regardless of the reasons I, or anyone else, tells you it works, we can only ever change our own minds.

So do it with a cup of coffee, or a red balloon, or a phone call from a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time, or a song you want to hear. Build your own momentum until you have no choice but to accept it as truth.

You can dismiss everything I’ve said, but what’s the harm in trying? All this untapped energy doesn’t care if you use it to your advantage or not. It’s still there for when you’re ready for it.

But if you don’t try, you’ll never know. Worst case, everything stays the same.

Change Your Thoughts, And You Can Change Your Life


I’m Glad You Were In My 2016 So I Can Have A Better 2017 Without You

The other day, I turned on the TV and the first thing I heard was, “I’ll be there for you…” from Friends. My mind jumped to 10 months ago when we were snuggled in your bed, singing along the theme song to another episode.

It’s usually around this time of year when you have always popped back out of the blue to see how I was doing. But I haven’t heard from you yet. And the year is almost over. So I guess this is good-bye for good.

I hope if you find this, you won’t show it to your friends so the whole group can have a big laugh. In spite of that possibility, I hope you find this anyway.

When I ran into you a couple months ago, I marched right past you like you were a stranger. And you didn’t do anything to stop me. You gave me that mocking grin you used to flash me when you thought I was acting ridiculous.

I even waited to see if you would text me like that last time when we bumped into each other, but you never did. So I guess this is really goodbye for good.

You were always ready to talk to me when I didn’t even realize how much I was dying to talk to you. I didn’t feel so ugly anymore when you kissed me in those early mornings with bags under my eyes. You said you would always be there if I needed you when most of my friends were disappearing. You saw me for me, where many others in the past didn’t have a clue who that was yet, claimed to “like” me anyways.

But when I asked you how you felt about me, you said: “I don’t know.” You told me you needed to be with yourself and spend time with your friends. So instead of pouting over what could have been, I decided to do the same.

Luckily, there was a new boy who came along and saw something in me that you didn’t. It made me realize that I was not so undesirable after all. Sure I didn’t feel the same back, but I didn’t brush him off without a second thought the way you did to me. I treated him in a way that did not make him question his self-worth.

You taught me how to treat people right.

Your absence created all this extra time for me to start writing again, painting again and even be a loser, and go back to reading again. I went back to doing everything I stopped so I could be closer to you, fully aware that you hadn’t changed a single thing in your life to get anywhere with me.

I was slowly becoming the woman I thought I already was.

I decided to be a part of the world I was tired of watching from behind a window. I went out of my way to be the kind of person that I actually think you once were, because why else would I have fallen for you? Which makes me wonder how having me in your life has changed you for the better or worse.

You turned me into an amazing woman after I forgave myself for all the things I had done when I was a girl. I forgave myself for wanting a boy that “sort of” wanted me or “almost” wanted me.

Instead, I focused on the thing that was for certain: you will always be the boy who definitely had something I wanted, but was missing everything that I needed.

The less and less I saw you, the more clearly I could see a better future without you. When I couldn’t hear your voice anymore, I finally found my own that the thoughts of you had muffled down.

I am not bitter that you couldn’t see in me, whatever it was that I had seen in you. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. The girls in your past couldn’t make out that special thing about you either but there I was, staring at it so clearly. And one day, someone else will stare at me just the same.

Remember the passion you had in yourself before everyone made you believe you no longer needed it. Prove to me that I was right when I told my friends you are capable of loving a girl, even if that girl couldn’t be me.

One day, I will hold hands with a person who is not unsure of why he needs to have his arms around me in public, when he had already done it so many times in his room. Someone who makes time to be next to me instead of stealing a couple of seconds out of his day to scroll up my name on his phone. Someone who kisses me and waits for me to let go first, just like you used to, but holds on to me anyway.

I don’t plan on saying “f*ck it” and missing out on the chance of finding a person who will see that treating me right is not a chore but a desire.

I don’t want to stop hoping that I can find that person … even if that person couldn’t be you.

I’m Glad You Were In My 2016 So I Can Have A Better 2017 Without You

Just a bit of faith…

It means that you trust God with your life more than you trust yourself. It means that you trust his timing even when you’re running out of patience. It means that you trust his decisions even if you don’t like them. It means that you will love him with all your heart even if you don’t understand him.

It means that even when you question him, you still believe in him, even when you’re tired from everything he’s been throwing your way, you sleep with your mind at ease because you know he knows what he’s doing. It means that you accept what he’s written for you even if you’re dying to change it.

It means that instead of fighting with him, you fight for him. It means that instead of complaining to him, you thank him.

Because faith doesn’t change anything around you but it changes everything within you.

Faith doesn’t always shine and sparkle but it helps you live through the darkness and through the pain.

Faith keeps you going when everyone else is giving up, faith keeps you dreaming when everyone else is waking up and faith teaches you the meaning of life and ultimately teaches you how to live.

Faith means that you don’t know where the road is taking you but you’re still driving, it means that you don’t know if you’re good enough for something but you still go for it, it means that you don’t always have what it takes but you’re still trying.

Faith is not seeing God but knowing he’s there, it’s not hearing him but knowing he’s listening, it’s thinking he doesn’t love you but knowing that he’s always saving you.

Because we’re not meant to understand God or destiny, we’re not meant to make sense of something that’s beyond what we can comprehend — beyond what we can grasp.

We’re not meant to interfere with the universe and what it brings to us. We’re only meant to believe in ourselves and foresee the best and wish that our vision will somehow manifest itself and that God will answer our prayers.

But faith is also understanding that sometimes what we pray for is not right for us, it’s understanding that we sometimes don’t know what we’re praying for.

Because human beings change and life changes but God doesn’t. We are all unstable and impermanent but God is eternal.

And sometimes without faith, you’ll never understand life, you’ll never understand God and you’ll never understand yourself.

Without faith, there will always be a void you can’t fill and something missing that you can’t find. You can only find it when you find God — you’ll stop feeling empty once you feed your soul with faith.


What It Really Means To Have Unwavering Faith


Hi friends,

I know it’s been soooo long and you all probably thought I’ve given up on this blog. NOT REALLY 😛 I’ve just been a bit conscious about what I write tbh, it gets a bit tiring when people just take the piss even if they don’t mean it. But let’s give this another shot!

How is it the end of another year already please? December is always a month where I like to reflect alot, on the year, on me and on my relationships with people that may or may not be in my life by the end of the year.

This year has been amazing to me, and I hope it has for all of you too! If it hasn’t don’t worry I’m sure 2017 will be and I will pray that it will. I hope it brings you all happiness and some of the things you dreamt of  (obviously I can’t say all of it because that’s a lot to ask for let’s be honest :P)

2015 was a year when I thought everything was falling apart but I learnt a lot in 2016 because of it. So thank god for a not so great year last year.

Let me share some of the things I’ve learnt this year, even though I’m sure you’ve heard most of it else where (or maybe you haven’t) but I’ll repeat it just once more 😛

  1. JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – don’t except anything from anyone.
  2. Don’t expect to always hear what you want to hear from people when you ask them for advice and if it’s not what you want to hear don’t get mad at them for giving their opinion either (I STILL DO THIS SORRY FRIENDS I’M TRYING :P)
  3. The fact, sometimes people won’t value you as much as you value them
  4. Your immediate family are the only ones who actually want the best for you (best friends are also immediate family, before some of them kill me for writing this 😉 )
  5. Don’t always tell people how you feel
  6. When you stress everything goes wrong.
  7. Sometimes the best things happen when it’s not planned
  8. Friendship is a two-way street, but not everyone follows this
  9. Unconditional love is the best form of love there is – and again not enough people appreciate this
  10. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY IN THAT MOMENT. Sometimes when you think too deeply about how it affects you, the futre or others it’s costing your happiness at that point.

I think 10 things are enough 😛 AND I just want to say I don’t follow all these things religiously but they’re the things I’ve learnt this year. THAT’S JUST HOW LIFE IS. Do you guys even get what I’m trying to say? It’s like, you know them ones where you know what you have to do but you don’t want to do it… yer that’s what it is.

I might be posting a lot during this month so be prepared. Also, I want to say for the future posts, if people feel like there are indirects at them then I’m sorry. But if the shoe fits like it did for Cinderella then take it, why not.

Love Princess